Columbus Ships Labeled Parts What Were The Names Of The Three Ships That Columbus Sailed With On His First Trip?

What were the names of the three ships that Columbus sailed with on his first trip? - columbus ships labeled parts

What was the fastest boat?
What was the slowest?
Who leaked?


Clutch said...

On the night of August 3, 1492, Columbus sailed from Palos de la Frontera with three ships, a large ratchet, Santa Maria, called Gallega (Galicia), and two smaller caravels, Pinta (painting) and Santa Clara, named Niña. Santa Maria was due on Christmas morning 1492 and had to be abandoned.

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Indiana Jones part 2 said...

La Niña. Means
La Pinta. faster
The Santa Maria. slower and decreased

Skyhawk said...

The names were
1. Santa Maria
2. Pinta
3. Nina

donutque... said...

You could probably get their answers faster and with just one search for "Christopher Columbus". You can go to all your questions in one.

Dave aka Spider Monkey said...

Nina Pinta and Santa Maria

Santa Maria fastest
Pinta was the slowest and decreased

staisil said...

Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

Of the three ships, only the Santa Maria was built with a lid and a heavy boat was much slower, with a keel that nearly 115 feet (35 meters). Nina and the Pinta were both about 50 feet (15 meters). The three ships were armed. La Niña continued with Vicente Yanez Pinzon, and Pinta sailed with his brother, Martin Pinzon.

The Santa Maria) had three masts (the main and Mizzen, each of whom carried a large sail. The foresail and mainsail were square sail on the Mizzen, or rear, mast was a triangular sail known as America. In addition, the ship carried a small square sail on the bowsprit, foremast, and a little above the mainsail.

The Pinta was commanded Martín Alonso Pinzón, A sailor is the city of Moguer, Andalusia. Pinta was a caravel, squat a little easier and faster than the ship Santa Maria. We do not know much about Pinta, but it was probably about 70 tons. Philips is the length of Pinta at 17 meters, 13 meters length of the keel, width 5 meters and 2 meters deep. Probably had three masts, and most likely carried sails like those of Santa Maria, with the exception of Topsail, and perhaps feedlots.

The smallest of the fleet was the Niña, Captain Vicente Anes Pinzón, brother of Martin. The Niña was another caravel of probably 50 or 60 tons and is Spain with lateen sails on all masts left, but the points are in the Canary Islands with square sails on fore and main masts. Unlike most ships of the time, NinThere are four masts, including a small led to miss-cons have in the back with another lateen sail. This girl had the best of three sailing against the wind. Philips offers its length to 15 meters, keel length 12 meters, 5 meters wide and 2 meters deep.

As you can imagine, varies the speed of sailing vessels strongly with wind speed. For several days the ships of Christopher Columbus day on an average of about 4 knots. The maximum ship speed was 8 knots, and minimum speed was zero. These speeds are quite typical for ships of the time - and indeed, typical of the age of the entire candle to the boats and yachts. So a total of 90 or 100 miles in one day is typical, and 200 phenomenal.

In all three vesselss on the first trip to Santa Maria was the slowest, and the Pinta was the fastest. The differences were small, but gives about 0.1 knots between them.

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